What I'm up to now

Writing: There hasn't been much going on, as far as writing goes. It remains primarily introspective and planning oriented, with much of the writing lately being note-taking for various courses I've been working through. Once I've finished porting all my other sites to this new framework I'll have the mental space to think about posting new articles here and on the others as well.

Movement: The pandemic has put a major damper on stunt and martial art specific training. My focus right now is more on mobility and posture work, with intermittent conditioning for maintenance of strength. Beginning to explore creating basic tricking combos in my backyard when the mosquitoes aren't launching whole squadrons at me the moment I get outside.

Other Learning: I'm all over the place with software and technical learning right now, some Vue.js for building this new site, a bunch of Pluralsight courses on virtual production, 3D tools, and other VFX work, and film specific courses on DaVinci Resolve, editing, and cinema sound.

Work: Working remotely at Filmhub and becoming intimately familiar with video and audio codecs and other technical aspects of film delivery.

Page Last Updated: August 29th, 2020