Renaissance Ninja

What I’m up to now

Writing: I have a daily writing practice that’s purely for my own processing. Otherwise I write just for this site at the moment.

Movement: Currently in a back-to-basics student mode, learning gymnastics, circus, and dance (mostly modern) fundamentals. Along with that is mobility work, shoring up weaknesses and working towards full freedom of movement. When I’m not doing those I’ll do brief stints of climbing around on trees, walking barefoot, or practicing parkour when the opportunity arises. On many evenings I’m either at some social dance, ecstatic dance, acro yoga, or contact improv event.

Performance: Training and preparing for performances coming up in the fall and potentially next early next year, dates TBD. Recently finished an improv dance and music performance.

Teaching: My older tutorials are always available over at Play Everywhere. Local parkour teaching around Chapel Hill/Carrboro, NC has been running for July. August TBD.

Reading: Some pictured here. A big focus of my research right now surrounds emotions and the body and how to unlock access to them, both more fully and consistently. Plus research into bodywork, mobility, and stretching.

Other Work: Freelance WordPress development, now at I also work intermittently on film/tv/commercial sets as a PA/Grip—a surprisingly great way to practice movement awareness.

Page Last Updated: July 21st, 2016