Renaissance Ninja

What I’m up to now

Writing: There hasn’t been much going on, as far as writing goes. It remains primarily introspective and planning oriented. Work has kept me away from a serious writing habit for a while. It’s unknown when that will shift towards more public writing again, however work has shifted in such a way that I have more time in the mornings to chip away at projects.

Movement: Continuing to focus my efforts towards stage combat and stunt training. Also working on overall physical conditioning and prehab.

Performance: No active performances or prep for performance.

Teaching: My older tutorials are always available over at Play Everywhere. Not currently in NC to offer teaching and am otherwise limited schedule wise.

Other Learning: Working on a long-term project that combines weapons practice with editing and VFX in DaVinci Resolve and Fusion. That project is ongoing, however the practice part has slowed down due to having access to a smaller space less suitable to swinging swords around. Working on improving kicks now more so than that.

Other Work: Working as an Assistant Editor up in D.C. for the fall and winter.

Page Last Updated: September 27th, 2019