Right vs. Better

Published 21. July 2016.

I’m often a perfectionist. And downright obsessive about moving in an optimal way. For myself, in my own practice, this feels like a wonderful thing (most of the time) as it gets me hyper focused on refining little details and gaining deeper understanding of how a movement works, and more often than not all on understanding all the little mistakes.

But that’s also why this is a double-edged sword. Striving for “perfect” technique can seem like a wonderful and lofty goal, but worrying about perfect technique can blind us to our improvements and our progress in the moment. Further, defining what constitutes perfect movement is near impossible in many contexts, especially when you’re outside and moving in a complex and shifting environment. Often the “right” technique doesn’t look the same on a different day, if it's wet out today what works will be different from when it's dry, and what works for you may not work at all for someone else.

Movement is too complex to have a blanket black and white answer for what is perfect movement and what isn’t. All one can do is try to be better at it than you were last time, yesterday, or better than last month. Don’t aim for perfection, just go for better than yesterday. Cumulatively better than yesterday will lead closer to perfection than an actual focus on perfection.

Don’t worry about right, just move better. Every day.