Movement Game: Over, Under, Through

Published 15. April 2014.

I say "over, under, and through" a lot when talking about obstacles. Recently I was inspired to take that same idea and turn it into a simple game.

The rules: You have three moves to connect. One must be over an obstacle, another must be through it, and the third under it. That's it for the basics.

You can do a single set of three then take a break, or try to take it further and chain multiple sets together. This game works for single obstacles and potentially even better if you have many obstacles available. Railings are ideal, but with some creativity anything can work.

As per the video you can apply additional rules to increase the challenge. Make the ground lava, limit where you can step, or do crazy things like try to move only backwards or sideways. Feel free to experiment and try different things.

Go forth and play! Share what you came up with in the comments or via email.