90 Days of Motion Graphics (Project 3)

Published 3. February 2015.

What an odd week. Ended up away from my computer (unexpected, in a good way, road-trip to D.C.) or otherwise without real time to commit to opening up After Effects and thus am a bit behind on new projects.

But before that happened I ran across an awesome new resource for tutorials, where I found this Polygon animation tutorial: http://youtu.be/uuaBg1agd70

It looks slick, but is far less complicated to create than what the end product would suggest.

Project 3

Time to Complete: ~2 hours.

Decided to do this whole tutorial in one-go and make my own customizations to it on the fly. The end result is this:

  Not too bad. I can tell I'll be re-using the principles and effects used for this animation—and potentially doing more of these with similar shapes—for future projects.

Things to learn & improve:

  • Adding sound effects.
  • Better use of time remapping. Even after a few tweaks the slow down around ~2s in isn't great.
  • Experimenting with different shapes. The method covered allows for any vector shape to have the effect applied to it.
  • Better use of textures. There is a subtle grain to the background (I used a rice paper texture), which could be improved with a more distinctive texture.